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Rongbuk glacier

The Himalayan glaciers are disappearing more quickly than scientists predicted. In the past 40 years, 10% of the volume as been lost. If this rate continues, in 2035 they will have disappeared.

Put the cursor over the image to see the evolution of the glacier.


In the past 20 years tourism in this region has increased greatly. At the best time of the year for the ascent the population in the region (Khumbu) increases by 1,750%.


Debris accumulated on the southern pass has become a great problem. Tents, corpses, empty oxygen bottles and climbing equipment that has been left behind litter the mountainside. There are even bodies of the climbers who didn't achieve their objective.The problem is so important that the Nepali government is going to assign police at the base camp to control the litter that the climbers leave behind.